Groom slaps bride for dancing with cousin, Wedding cancel.

Bride found another man in ceremony and wedding took place on same day but at different venue.


A woman in India cancel her wedding when her groom slapped her in front of everyone for dancing with his cousin.

According to India news outlets, the incident took place when the bride was dancing with the groom, but suddenly groom cousin hold bride’s hand and started dancing. They even placed their hands on each other’s shoulders.

According to reports, the groom annoyed and he pushed his cousin away from his bride.

Later on, when the bride climbed the stage to join her husband, he slapped her in front of everyone, the bride’s family claimed.

This slap Unable to tolerate the man’s behavior, the bride decides with her family and called the wedding off and refused to tie the knot with the man.

However, she found another man who came to attend the wedding and decide to marry him. Their wedding took place on the scheduled day and time, but at a different venue, the report added.

On the other hand, the rejected groom has filed a complaint for seeking compensation of 700,000 Indian Rupee, at the Panruti all-women police station. The amount was spent on the wedding arrangements.

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