Fateha for deceased wife of President PPP US chapter.

"We saw many ups and downs" says Khalid Awan and wept many times during Fateha Khuwani.

New Jersey,

Fateha Khuwani offered for the deceased wife of PPP US president Khalid Awan in the local mosque of New Jersey. A Large number of Pakistani Community including business and social figures attended the prayers. PML N US Mr. Danish Malik along with different political party’s overseas chapter office bearers also attended.While, talking on the occasion Khalid Awan said that

“we saw many ups and downs together”

and he became wept.Makhdoom Pir Syed Tasawar ul Hasan lectured and offered fateha for the deceased. At last, attendees seem to be saddened, moreover Fateha offered for the deceased wife of Khalid Awan and patience for the family.

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