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The famous “Gyro King” inaugurated after renovations.


The “Gyro King” has been restored after being fully renovated and it seems that it does not burn to ashes from fire. “Gyro King” used Halal food for its valued food lovers.

Pakistani-American Zakaria Khan and the Owner of “Gyro King” is the social and renowned figure of New York, renovated the restaurant and re- inaugurated “Gyro King”.

On the occasion, “Gyro King”, Zakaria Khan invited Community dignitaries, US Official and City Council members Rita Joseph, Mercedes Lars, Farah Lewis and Shahana Hanif as guests and cut the cake.While, speaking with VOSA Tv Zakaria Khan has said that the fire damaged the business of South Asian Muslim community but by the grace of Allah, we are back and on our feet. New Yorkers were missing “Gyro King” and now we filled this gap.Moreover, the US official said while talking to Vosa Tv, we should provide full support to the immigrants and small business owners in our constituencies.Earlier, two months ago ground floor of residential building grips 3rd degree fire at the union of Coney Island and Foster Avenue of Brooklyn Area. Residential apartments on the first floor and ground floor shops were burn to ashes, including the “Gyro King” fast food restaurant.

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