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Community awareness program in US against Indian illegal occupation and rights of Junagarh state.

Hicksville, Long Island,

Syed Alamdar Hussain Shah organizes a community awareness program on February 6 at a local hotel in Hicksville, Long Island on the 75th anniversary of Indian occupation of Junagarh State. Leaders of Pakistani-American community will also take part in the signing ceremony, and demonstrate against Indian occupation.

SYed Alamdar Shah, Adviser to Nawab of Junagardh.

Political, social, business figures and human rights activists from the Pakistani-American community in New York expected to be attended the event.

Syed Alamdar Hussain Shah has said that this would be the first program of its kind in US for the rights of Junagarh state. A memorandum will also be submit to UN office at the end of signing campaign.

Singer Saima Kashif will perform melodies and cultural songs at the event.

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