Duke & Huntah trained to sniff COVID-19 in Massachusetts, US.


Humans use different animals and techniques for betterment. The giant African landmine-sniffer HeroRat “Magawa”, continued to help identify landmines, saving thousands of lives and billions of disabilities.

Canine generally used in the military and have an amazing sense of smell. They are more advanced than the human smell and many illnesses and diseases have been identified through them by carrying out experiments.

Studies have also shown that trained dogs can detect coronavirus more quickly than COVID-19 tests, British Broadcaster reported.

Meanwhile, in US state of Massachusetts, two Dogs are being used in five schools to detect coronavirus. They have been trained to recognize the smell of COVID-19 infection.

Both the dogs are left around the school, in empty classrooms, corridors and the cafeteria after the children have left the room. They will stop at the point where COVID-19 would be detected, as they will sit down and put their paw up on the place they think has the smell.

Then tests of identified children and staff are conducted by the school to confirm if they have the virus and follow the school’s COVID-19 procedures.

According to manager of the five schools, Rick Medeiros, said that when the dogs aren’t working, they can meet and play with the pupils.

The system is working well and other schools across the USA have also appreciates the usage of  using dogs for the purpose, added Medeiros.

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