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IRS issued Income Tax Returns to citizens.

New York City,

American Rescue Plan begin’s, The Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service issued Income Tax Returns to the citizen. According to the letter issued to the citizens, The IRS made monthly AdvCTC payments of up to half for 2021 Child Tax Credit from July through December to help support families raising children.

Consequently the eligibility criteria, citizens fill the form and file Schedule 8812 with 2021 income tax return to claim remaining credit for a total amount of up to $3600 per child under age 6 and $3000 per child age 6 through 17.

Those citizens who did not fall in the criteria, file schedule 8812 to determine that must pay back or some or all the monthly payments received in 2021 and if qualify for repayment protection.

IRS determined payment methods.
Monthly payment amounts were initially based on information from an income tax return filed or information entered in the IRS non filler signup tool in 2020 or 2021. Citizen’s monthly payment amount or how or where the IRS paid one’s payment may have changed based on information provided the IRS through 2020 income tax credit if the IRS processed it after June, the child tax credit update portal, or the dedicated IRS Child Tax credit phone line. Review each monthly payment, including any changes, at IRS.gov/ctcportal, and click “Manage Advance Payments.”

If citizen did not receive one or more payment, contact the IRS at 800-908-4184 before filling return.

Repayment protection
Citizens may not have to repay in full any AdvCTC payments that took into account more qualifying children than claim on 2021 income tax return (Schedule 8812).

The repayment protection based on 2021 modified adjusted gross income (MAGI). Citizens will not have to repay and AdvCTC payments for non qualifying children if 2021 MAGI is under:
• $60000 if citizen is married and filling a joint return or if filling as a qualifying widow or widower.
• $50000if citizen is filling as head of house hold.
• $40000 if citizen is a single filer or are married or filing a separate return.

For more information regarding completing schedule 8812 or the 2021 Child Tax Credit visit the Internal Revenue Service website.

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