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Winter storm effected Mid Atlantic and Northeast.

Freezing temperature, dangerous driving, slippery roads and snow covered the blanket.

New York City,

Snowfall begins in New York City on early Friday, citizens faces difficulties to commute. Freezing temperature, slippery roads and snow began to blanket the area.

The National Weather Service forecasted snow storm alert for New York City from coming Monday. But early Friday an extensive weather system produced snow across parts of the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic. Rough weather and snow fall creates dangerous driving conditions on snow covered slippery roads while difficult to commute for millions in morning.The NYC could see up to five inches of snow, and up to seven inches could fall on Suffolk county Long Island, Metrological department forecasted. While severe weather and storm warning alerts also issued for New Jersey Middlesex County and London County of Connecticut.

Earlier Department of Sanitation New York announced that they will be fully prepare for salting the streets to avoid slippery on streets and walkways.

While the city’s Emergency Management Department has also issued a travel advisory and advice New Yorkers to limit travel.


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The first snowfall begins from Monday, expected to be 4″ to 6″ snow, Met office.

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