Multi Million $ mega crypto currency scam in Pakistan, FIA investigates.

Notice issued to crypto mining company General Manager. Cyber crime wing also receives complaints against 9 online applications.


Pakistan Federal Investigation Agency’s-FIA Cyber ​​Crime Wing investigating and issue’s Notice to mega scam linked to Crypto Currency Exchange. Notices were also issued to General Manager of crypto mining company in Pakistan on $100 million scam through online application for the first time. More than Rs 18 billion Fraud from Pakistani citizens under the guise of crypto currency was also revealed.

FIA Cyber ​​Crime Sindh claims that fraudsters transferred money abroad through cryptocurrency. The Cyber ​​Crime received complaints of fraud of billions of rupees through 9 online applications. Billions of rupees were falsified from Pakistanis through online applications and these online applications were linked to the global exchange of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dodge Coins among others crypto-currencies were invested in crypto mining company .

Surprisingly, the news of the multi-million dollar fraud in the cryptocurrency exchange did not affect negative trend but reports of an extraordinary increase in trading. People involved in cryptocurrency trading have invested heavily and started selling different currencies and small investors are buying different digital currencies at their own risk.

Consumers believe that Pakistani institutions have the right to investigate and if there is a flaw in the system, it should be rectified. Investments in cryptocurrency continued from Pakistan, but for withdrawal, the Pakistani currency also benefited in case of profit.

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