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The first snowfall begins from Monday, expected to be 4″ to 6″ snow, Met office.

We have over 700 salt spreaders loaded and ready to go, NYC Sanitation commissioner.

New York City,

City’s Department of Sanitation is fully prepared and would begin salting streets on Sunday night for slippery streets and sidewalks, Mayor Eric Adam brief on Sunday, While tri-state temperature drops rapidly as first snowfall of the season is expected on Monday. It will be alarming for the city municipal departments to get a little or a lot.

New York City is located at the northern fringe of the expected storm. This is often called the “screw zone” by meteorologists because it’s the most difficult area to forecast. Often, the area gets no snow or double the amount that’s forecast. An expected worst-case scenario for this snowfall is for up to 4 to 6 inches of snow provided the storm’s track shifts further north.

This system is expected to bring more than half a foot of snow to parts of southern New Jersey on Monday as well. The five boroughs could see more snow and receive up to 1 to 3 inches than forecasted. According to Metrological department the snowfall should start around 8 a.m. on Monday and end by 3 p.m.

“We are ready to meet the storm head on,” Adams added.

Eric Adam, Brooklyn President.
Photo Courtesy YouTube

The city’s Emergency Management Department has also issued a travel advisory and advice New Yorkers to limit travel, take mass transit possibly and keep an extra time for commuting. Slippery road conditions will be possible, the department added.

Sanitation Commissioner Edward Grayson said at the briefing that “We are definitely ready. We have been preparing for winter since last winter, and we have over 700 salt spreaders loaded and ready to go.”

Sanitation Commissioner, Edward Grayson. File photo, courtesy NYC Sanitation department twitter account.

“If you see our spreaders and operators, please give us some extra space so we can do our job,” he added. “We are committed, we are on duty, we are working all night, and we’ll be out there.”

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