Ukrainian Artist Creates Unique Masks Inspired by Science Fiction

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Dmitry Bergen, a Ukrainian artist, has created a unique and mystifying type of mask specializing in the creation of this type of mask.

Ukrainian artist creates these masks using machine elements. The user of the mask apparently transforms from a human to a hybrid of man and machine.

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Wearing this mask makes a person look more like a machine, although this dazzling creation of theirs is not technically a steampunk or steam-powered mask as it does not contain moving components.

Photo Courtesy: Social Media

However, it is clear that this creation based on the legendary scientific literature can play an important role in creating a movement in this regard.

Photo Courtesy: Social Media

This talented artist started his work with a lightweight flimsy plastic mask, which is easy to shape, after which he turned it into a wearable mask by adding all kinds of decorative elements to it. The items he has used for this purpose include motorcycle parts, faulty camera lenses, and components for children’s metal toys. He uses almost all materials of a machine that can be deconstructed or can be reused.

Photo Courtesy: Social Media

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