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Political Affairs Officer to UN, Irfan Soomro resigned.

Pakistan is our Identity and now back to home to do more says Irfan Soomro in a Farwell arranged by Pakistan Club at UN.

New York,

The decision to quit from Political Affairs Officer job was a difficult one for me while during my stay here I always tried to bring Pakistanis together on the UN platform. Irfan Soomro expressed his views with Voice of South Asia in a Farwell in his honor

Irfan Soomro, has resigned his job and will return home soon. Soomro has also been the President of Pakistan Club at the United Nations. Following his decision to return home, his friends arranged a farewell party.

A large number of Pakistan Club members including Pakistan Mission officers and staff were also attended.

Irfan Soomro delivers farewell speech and said that he did everything for Pakistan while continuing my services in the United Nations and Pakistan is our identity. Now let me go back home and do more for the betterment of the country at the diplomatic level.

Consul General Ayesha Ali and Director of the United Nations Environment Program Jamil Ahmed, were also present at the event and said that Irfan Soomro had rendered excellent services in a very short span of time and his services would always be remembered.

Senior and Ex-diplomatic officials invited to the event also expressed their views and praised Irfan Soomro’s professionalism and efforts.

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