Brides arrival video viral, creates buzz on Internet.

Wedding guest and social media gurus amazed and surprised.

Web desk, Karachi,

Strange things appeared in every passing day and make a space in mainstream media. In modern times New Media is the home of mass video storage where millions of videos watched every passing second.

Traditional media Content also touches individual’s minds and peoples follow those fantasies in their lives and sometimes celebrate their life time special events accordingly.

A famous historic Turkish drama series Ertughal Ghazi 1100 AD is very popular in South Asian states. Ertughal Ghazi consists of multiple seasons in which story unfolded gradually and peoples watch the seasons very thoroughly. A unique attire of 11th century and struggle of Muslims inspire the viewer and developed a huge following.

Socio Economic and cultural hub of Pakistan, Karachi having a unique traditional wedding ceremony dramatized where guests were amazed and surprised when a bride arrives to the venue in Ertughal Ghazi style. She jockeys a brown horse in traditional Red bridal dress with a sword and shielded Pawns guard her.

Amazing arrival of bride’s video clip become viral overnight and social media gurus share widely with friends and family and enjoyed the clip.

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