Omicron surge hampers Christmas Celebrations.

Mask less Pope, throughout prayers services administered 2000 peoples in Vatican.


Christmas celebrations are in full swing around the globe. Decorated Christmas trees lit up on streets and Santa Claus delivers the gifts to little ones. Prayers were offered in different cathedrals and special supplications events were organized in Churches. Cristian’s greets each other and distributes sweets and cakes while Covid-19 variant Omicron hinders the happiness of Christmas in different parts of the World.

New Zealand

One of the most vaccinated population in the world, New Zealand 95 percent of its adult get at-least 1 dose of vaccination celebrates Christmas with minimum restrictions of Covid 19. The only Omicron cases that have been found in New Zealand are safely contained at the border.


Australia, two most populous states reported a surge in infections, New South Wales registering the most new cases in a 24-hour period since the start of the pandemic.

In New South Wales, capital Sydney 6,288 cases were reported on Christmas morning. Currently about 383 people confirmed infected were hospitalized in the state. Further 2,208 new infections reported in south, Victoria recorded third of the number. Active case numbers in ICU declined in both states.

Australia’s 91% of people, age of 16 years and over, get double-dosed; Prime Minister Scott Morrison said lockdowns are no longer necessary. Delivering his annual Christmas message, the leader urged the nation to “overcome and to push through.”


In UK, London covid 19 new deadly variant Omicron hampers the Christmas celebrations. A new high of 122,186 daily UK Covid cases were reported on Friday. According to NHS England in response to the Omicron variant threat, thousands of first, second and booster jabs will be given on Christmas Day as well. Appointments are available in at least eight locations including London, Manchester, Swindon and Eastbourne.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on December 13 about the expansion booster program to all adults, the number of vaccines being delivered by the center has increased from around 1,000 a week to 5,000, says vaccination center In-charge Jaya Authunuri reported, UK News outlets.

Italy, Vatican,

Pope Francis celebrated Christmas Eve Mass before an estimated 2,000 people were allowed out of 20,000 capacities to attend in St. Peter’s Basilica on Friday, several News agencies reported. Last year Italy was in a full Christmas lockdown.

A mask less throughout the service, Pope Francis administered down the central aisle as the Sistine Chapel choir sang “Noel,” kicking off the Vatican’s Christmas holiday that commemorates the birth of Jesus in a manger in Bethlehem.

U.S., New York

In US, New York State set a new high record for daily Covid-19 infections with 44,431, almost 5,600 more than a day earlier during Christmas holidays. According to Governor Kathy Hochul briefing that there is surge in Covid 19 cases with 12.4% positive rate. Total Hospitalizations is 4,744, or 210 more than on Thursday US news media reported.

A day after new policy came from Governor Hochul’s that those wants to get back on the job must be vaccinated, fever-free for 72 hours and be able to wear a mask. Hochul also added that essential workers who test positive, with their employers’ permission return to work in five days after a positive test, cutting in half the current isolation period.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention endorsed a shorter isolation period for health care workers, to seven days instead of 10.


Meanwhile in west of China Xi’an City imposes Lock down on Christmas to curb the spread of Covid 19.  According to National Health Commission on Saturday, there is 140 new infected cases record in China out of 87 were local.

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