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ACMW distributes happiness and Joy among little ones in Brooklyn, New York.

Women do what they can on their own, joy-sharing continued for last twelve years, Assembly-man.

Coney Island,

Women are on the forefront in every field and they have taken the lead in sharing cheerfulness. Happiness has doubled since the outbreak of Corona is over, Consul General Ayesha Ali shared her views on ACMW toys distribution ceremony.Joy and happiness began to spread everywhere and it seems like a festival as Christmas approached. The ACMW-American Council of Minority Women set up a gift distribution stall in the Brooklyn area of​New York.Large numbers of children from Coney Island Avenue and other New York areas gathered to receive gifts and toys, distributed by the organization’s founder Baza Rohi and Santa Claus.Assembly-man Robert Carroll and New York Consul General of Pakistan Ayesha Ali also attended the ACMW toys distribution ceremony.US Assembly-man also said that, whether it’s a charity event or a festival, women do what they can on their own, and this joy-sharing has been continued for last twelve years.Joy and happiness was visible on little one’s smiling faces after receiving the toys and gifts. The children also took pictures with Santa Claus and enjoyed a lot.

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