Two monkey arrested in Maharashtra over Revenge killing of 250 Dogs.

Revenge attacks continued after killing of an infant monkey by stray dogs.


A strange and weird incident has happened in Beed, Maharashtra. Two monkeys have killed nearly 250 dogs. According to India’s top news agency, the monkeys have taken revenge for the killing of an infant monkey.

“Two monkeys involved in the killing of many puppies have been captured by a Nagpur Forest Department team in Beed,” Sachin Kand, Beed Forest Officer, told news agency.

The monkeys are being shifted to Nagpur and will be released in a nearby forest.

Locals said that the monkeys have been killing puppies for the last couple of months in Lavool village. As soon as they see a puppy, they would catch it and take it to place with considerable height. The dog would then be thrown from there.The villagers contacted Dharur’s Forest Department in panic after the monkeys attacked some school-going children as well, news agency reported.

The strange incident not only created a buzz among the villagers and authorities, but also memers on social media.

People on social media seemed to be taking sides in the ‘Monkey vs Dogs gang war’.

One of the user tweets and post a video of exit gate of the temple where a dog sit on a pillar and every worshipers meet with dog on exit.

Another memes maker come on front in support of Monkeys and post a meme picture on twitter.

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