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Manhattan rushed with Christmas celebrations.

New Yorkers along with Tourist around the globe joyed the colors of happiness after 2 years of strict restrictions.

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Sahar Munir,

A 17 year old tourist came from Canada to New York City, she hangout with friends, walk around with family, enjoyed and join Christmas celebrations.Manhattan the borough of New York city has decorated with colorful lights and buntings wreathed Christmas trees. Countdown begins for Christmas Eve, New Yorkers and People from different cities are visiting to enjoy the colors of Christmas after two years of Pandemic restrictions as situation is normalized and the joy on everyone’s faces has doubled.Santa Claus welcomed the tourist and distributes gifts and chocolates to the children’s. Tourists around the globe enjoyed the colors of Christmas, enjoyed shopping, colorful decorated buildings and Christmas trees. One of the tourist said that this year on Christmas it is very great full to be with friends and family and we enjoyed together after long Pandemic restriction. Last year we are scared from Covid-19 and strictly followed SOPs and stay at home but now we have fully vaccinated and have a great time with friends and family.Another tourist also expressed happiness with Voice of South Asia and said that it was my first time and I am so excited to be here at beautiful place, we are outside now. Since that Pandemic was over I go with my family to New Jersey with my little nephew and nieces, we make ginger bread, bake cakes and cookies and have fun.Decorated buildings and squares on Christmas is a message that good days are coming back and this year Christmas will be celebrated with great enthusiasm.

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