Al Falah Mosque construction work begins in March, 22.

More than 2000 worshipers prayed in congregation at a time.


The Muslim community in Woodbridge, Virginia, gathers for the completion of one year after the foundation stone was laid of the Al-Falah Mosque and Community Center. Community visited the construction site and offered Duhr prayers in congregation.On the occasion, organizers informed the community that there is no mosque for us in the vicinity, that’s the reason we chose this best place.

Organizers briefed the media that mosque would accommodate more than 2,000 worshipers, and in addition to teaching the Qur’an and modern education would also be provided.

Organizers have said that they bought the land in 2012 with the help of community and laid the foundation stone last year. There are more than fifty trustees working together and efforts are being made to start the construction work from March and estimated project completion time is two years.

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