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Muslims play an important role in American society, says Congressman Tom Suozzi

Long Island,

The annual gala organized at ICLI-Islamic Center of Long Island. Event was attended by a large number of community members, including US Senator Chuck Schumer and Congressman Tom Suozzi.While addressing the participants, speaker said Muslims have an important role to play in American society and I have always stood by Muslims. When I started politics, relations was first established with Muslims, eyes got wet on the story of a Muslim family and for this Donald Trump gave the title of Crying Baby. While speaking on the gala, Congressman Tom Suozzi has accused China, Russia and Iran of trying to destroy American society through social media. We must all live in unity. Habib Ahmed, former chairperson of ICLI and Dr. Asma Chaudhry also addressed the annual gala. The speakers said that ICLI is not only a mosque but also hosts political and social events. The Islamic Center of Long Island is on front lines in welfare activities. While, ICLI organizers added that in every winter warm clothes, blankets, etc. were distributed to the needy in large numbers. In addition, a food pantry has been set up in the mosque, from where free food distribution held thrice a day in a week, regardless of race or color.

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