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Being Silent on harassment increases it, says Social Activists.

Complete social boycott of individuals who involve in harassment incidents. 


PAYS-Pakistani American Youth Society, president Kashif Hussain, and Baza Rohi, a social worker held a press conference in Brooklyn, New York, and said there are black sheep’s in our community who were harassing someone every day. We must not remain silent on these harassment incidents, but we completely social boycott of such individuals.

Ahsan Chughtai, Zunaira Ahsan, Saeed Hassan, Raja Razzaq and others from Pakistani-American community also participated in the press conference. The participants said that increase of harassment incidents is worrisome and being silent would encourage such people to attempt again. Everyone in American society has constitutional and legal rights and if anyone faces harassment or threaten, they must use their legal rights. Pakistani-American community members said that we have no personal dispute or conflict  with anyone, but no one should be allowed to offend or impose their will on freedom of expression.


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