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Elected Republican’s assured Pakistani Community to solve their problems.

Republican’s thanked Pakistani community for participation in politics.

Long Island,

The Republican Party has won a landslide victory over Long Island in the recent local government elections of New York. Successful elected candidates for Long Island, District Attorney for Suffolk County, Huntington Town Supervisors and other successful elected members have arrived at Dix Hill to thank the Pakistani community.

Nadim Wamiq

Host of the event Tanveer Chaudhry and Nadeem Wamiq welcomed the Republican Party successful elected members. At the beginning of event American National Anthem was performed.

Tanveer Chaudhry

While speaking on occasion, Republican Party Suffolk County Chairman, Tom McKinley said that we welcomed the Pakistani community for showing their interest and participates in American politics. We all want to provide safe environment to everyone. Suffolk County District Attorney also added that Pakistani community played a key role in his victory. Nadeem Wamiq has raised a lot of political awareness among Muslim community; I need such people to include them in my office team.

Tom McKinley

Ed Smith and Dave Bennardo, Huntington Town Supervisors of Suffolk County, Long Island, also spoke on the occasion and said that they would solve his voter’s problems and the provision of fundamental rights would be improved.

Ed Smith

Republican Party officials and successful candidates said they were happy to meet the Pakistani community. There is no shortage of talented and capable people among the Pakistani Muslim community.

Dave Bennardo

At last, hosts Tanveer Chaudhry and Nadeem Wamiq thanked the guests for their arrival.

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