Medicaid plan and inflation control bill approve soon, Jim Clyburn assures.

Former Government is responsible for inflation, claims Congress man.


US Congress leader of the majority Jim Clyburn, said that Democratic Party believes in serving all Americans without any discrimination and President Joe Biden’s administration is working on a priority basis for the immediate solution of public problems, He was addressing as a chief guest in fundraising event organized by Muslim community of Dallas

Event hosted by Democratic Leader Tahir Javed, Chairman Pakistan Business Forum, Hafeez Khan, Dr. Khalid Mehmood, Dr. Naveed Claire and Mubashir Warraich. Jim Clyburn added that, the current problems, including inflation, are caused by the previous government. We cannot leave our nation in this crisis.
“President Joe Biden has a keen eye on public issues, the Medicaid and inflation controlled bill recently introduced by the government would be pass soon”, he assured.Moreover, he added that medical treatment facility was beyond the reach of people. In US, Medicaid is available to low-income people in all Democrats ruling states, but Republicans are deprived of it. We have introduced a bill at the central level to provide free medical care to low-income Americans, which will be implemented as soon as it is approved.

“There is a general impression that my support for North Carolina was instrumental in electing President Joe Biden”,

but I would say that he really deserved this victory. I supported the truth and this was also the last advice to me from my late wife. 

Jim also said that doors of Democratic Party are open to all nationalities living in US without any discrimination. In our country, people of all races and religions will meet on important positions. The presence of more than ten Caucuses is proof; the Republican Party will not see any such impression.

Former President Donald Trump has spread racial hatred and that is not in America’s interest. “We are one nation and no one can divide us”. The host of the event, Muslim Democratic leader Tahir Javed, thanked Jim Clayburn and asked him to play a role in clarifying Pakistan’s position on the current Afghanistan situation. He said today’s event was aimed at raising funds for Congressman Jim Clyburn. The purpose was to introduce him among Dallas Muslim community.

On the occasion, Dr. Naveed Claire introduced the audience individually to Jim Clyburn. Hafeez Khan, Chairman, Pakistan Business Forum, thanked the audience and said that he was grateful to Jim Clyburn who came here today to meet the community. While he is also grateful to all the attendees.Democratic candidate for Texas House District 92 Salman Bhojani, President Nadeem Akhtar, Young Democratic Leader Sana Syed from Dallas, Aftab Siddiqui, a member of Dallas Peace and Justice Center Board, president of Muslim Democratic Caucus, and other political and social figures also attended the fund raising event.

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