The greed of insurance; the legless citizen got punished

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In the US state of Ohio, a man was convicted of amputating his legs in front of a train in an attempt to get a large sum of money for insurance.

According to the Blaze Trends, Sandor CS, a resident of a Hungarian village in Ohio, USA, got under the train in 2014 to get insurance money. Sandor had both legs amputated when he came under the train and was confined to a wheelchair, on the basis of which he contacted the insurance company and applied for a refund as per his policy.

According to the report, the citizen was to receive a hefty sum of 2.4 million in insurance. When the company began investigating the matter, it was discovered that the citizen had deliberately approached the train and hung his legs against the tracks near the station as the train approached.

When the investigation uncovered the 54-year-old’s cunning, the company filed a lawsuit against him, which has been pending for seven years, and now the court has ruled in his favor.

The court sentenced a citizen who risked his life to obtain insurance money to two years in prison if convicted and to pay a court fee.

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