Kuwaiti actress Shams lauds Bill Gates, offers marriage to him.

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According to Siasat Daily, Kuwaiti actress and singer Shams Bandar Al-Aslami has offered to marry US billionaire and Microsoft founder Bill Gates through a tweet.

The Gulf singer on Friday, November 5, 2021, took to Twitter and re-published a tweet talking about Gates’ prediction years ago, of possible terrorist attacks in which the smallpox virus would be used to inflict maximum damage.

In her tweet, Shams expressed her admiration for Gates and wrote, “This man is smart. He is the luminary of the current digital age. I like his foresight and knowledge of what will happen in the future. I am offering him marriage; do you expect him to agree???”

The tweet sparked local controversy, grabbing the attention of many Gulf Arab outlets and causing social media users across the region to mock her.  Local and regional media reported the news of her proposal to marry Bill Gates, prompting the singer to respond, saying her tweet was misinterpreted. As per the media reports, later Shams said she wasn’t serious about her offer and that the tweet was nothing but sarcasm.

Shams later clarified that she was joking and berated the media for misunderstanding her tweet.

 “I understand that some people in the general public may not have enough awareness to understand my tweet was a joke, but press and media understand are also taking it seriously… how were you not able to pick up on the sarcasm?”, she said.

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