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Pakistani-American activist Baza Harrased on Day of Dignity.

Guest of Honor, Vice Councel General interfered and tried to stop.

New York,

Leading social activist of Pakistani-American community, Baza Rohi held press conference in New York with Farasat Chaudhry and her friend Iram.

According to Baza Rohi, two days ago, “Day of Dignity” event was held, our Vice Council General, Mr. Nawab Adil Khan came to attend the event on behalf of Ayesha Ali

When he arrived, I took him on a visit a place where our stalls were set up. A man arrived across the road named Khawaja Farooq. He has been rude as he arrived and harassed me while abuse in hard tone.

Moreover, he also added that why you are organizing this event. Next time, don’t go. If it happens again, you will be responsible for the consequences.

Mr. Adil interfered and has tried to stop him. He asked him “why you are talking to a woman in this tone”

then he abused Nawab Adil Khan repeatedly.

We both ignored and walked forward but he was abusive from behind. I got a little bit angry and turned around, we have just made an eye contact, in that time he crossed the road and left.

After the program (Day of Dignity) ended, I called 911. The police arrived and I described the whole incident to the police and I also told NYPD that I will also provide CCTV footage.

My whole premises outside and inside is monitored by CCTV including the place where we are sitting at the moment. Everything can be seen and heard clear.

I have reported to police and police lodged the report.

Baza added that, definitely, I will not leave this incident here. I will take it further. If it happens to me today and with my organization then tomorrow it can happen anywhere.

We have to stop this thing here.

One of the things that disturbed us is that we think our community should not be discredited for complaining such incidents.

If someone abuses, harassed and leaves easily, community member said, “Don’t resist, leave the incident.” The consequence of suppressing such incidents is culprits encouraged and then start attacking everyone just because we are silent.  But I will not remain silent on this matter. Wherever I have to go, I will do whatever I have to do. I will not suppress the situation, Baza added.

According to Rohi, he already served three-year sentence for harassing a woman. Te woman complained to the US government from Pakistan and here the law enforcement agencies caught him.

In this regard, a case has been filed in the Court against him. All the evidences, phone call records, whatever threats he made, came out. He have been convicted and jailed for three years and recently released from jail.

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