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Unidentified miscreant brutally tortured a worshiper in Makki Mosque.

NYPD registered the complain and Investigations are underway.

Coney Island Avenue,

The incident took place at New York’s Makki Mosque. An unidentified miscreant brutally tortured a worshiper, Muhammad Azam while he was talking to his friend Mohammad Bashir at Makki Mosque on Coney Island Avenue in Borough Brooklyn, New York.Another happening after a couple of months has caused a wave of anger and concerns among the Muslim community

It is visible in CCTV footage obtained by New York Police Department, that after the prayers an unidentified man came down from above, Muhammad Azam asked young man,

“What were you doing upstairs?”

The angry young man became hyper and out of control at this question, spoke a little bitterly and tried to attack on the worshiper. Then he closed the door of the mosque, picked up a stick and severely beat the elderly worshiper and then fled from Makki Mosque.The mosque management reported the incident to NYPD. Complaint was registered after which investigation started and NYPD obtained CCTV footage from the management.

Earlier, few months ago, incident was also took place at a mosque located on Cotelio Road, a young man attacked and broke mosque windows. The suspect has not yet been arrested.

Recently, the police had registered a case against Ishtiaq Ahmed, a volunteer of Makki Masjid, but he was proved to be a liar and acquitted Ishtiaq Ahmed.

Such incidents continue to increase the sense of insecurity among the Muslim community.

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