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Inauguration of the world’s first ‘aerial museum’ flight in Saudi Arabia

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According to the Arab News, Saudi Arabia is introducing the world’s first flying museum, highlighting archaeological finds on a plane journey between the capital and the ancient city of Al-Ula.

On a flight from Saudi Arabia to the historic city of Al-Ula, passengers will be shown a view of the museum in the air. The guests were warmly welcomed on the first flight, a joint venture between the Royal Commission for Al-Ula and the national flag carrier Saudia.

The flight was organized to highlight the importance of the historic city of Al-Ula. The flight identified only a small part of the archeological site and also showed a sample of artifacts found during excavations, which are currently being researched by experts.

Passengers will also be able to watch a Discovery Channel documentary called “Architects of Ancient Arabia” that was released this year, the Saudi Press Agency reported. The video shows a team of international archaeologists investigating a set of ancient stone structures in Saudi Arabia

Photo Courtesy: Albilad

Rebecca Foote, director of archaeology and cultural heritage research at the commission, will provide an introduction to the documentary during the trip and give an explanation about the artifacts featured in the museum.

She said: “There is a major load of work ongoing in Al-Ula by local and international archeologists, and yet we are just beginning to understand the complicated nature of Al-Ula’s past. I am looking forward to sharing more information about our work with passengers of the Museum in the Sky trip, operated by Saudia.”


Philip Jones, the commission’s chief destination marketing officer, said the museum would highlight the importance of the archeological work being done in Al-Ula, which the commission believed was the “biggest archeological program” in the world at this time.


Khaled Tash, vice president of corporate communications at the airline, said the museum was a continuation of the “ongoing cooperation” with the commission to highlight Al-Ula’s rich heritage and promote it globally as a tourist destination.

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