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NYC Social and Business figures Moon Rizvi and Zaman Rizvi’s, mother passed away.

Long Island,

A social and business personality of Pakistani community, Sajjad alias Moon Rizvi and Zaman Rizvi, mother Fatima Zahra, passed away on 4th of Nov at the age of 86.

Funeral prayers were offered at the Long Island Mosque and Imam-bargah in New York, which was attended by family, relatives and close friends.Later body was shifted to Washington Memorial Cemetery, where a Noha was recited before the burial in memory of the Prophet’s grand-Son, Imam Hussein Radi Allah Anhu, and his mother, the Lady of Paradise, Bibi Fatima Zahra Radi Allah Anhu.Moon Rizvi and Zaman Rizvi’s mother were later buried with sighs and sobs. Every eye was weeping on the occasion.  The participants offered condolences to Moon Rizvi and Zaman Rizvi on the death of their beloved mother and exhorted them to be patient and prayed for her forgiveness and highest ranks.

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