UK startup launches portable electric vehicle charger

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According to the insideevs, at the ongoing COP26 climate summit where delegates from around the world have gathered to discuss matters concerning climate change, the UK startup has introduced its own solution to help power electric vehicles and reduce vehicular carbon emissions.

A UK startup called Zip Charge introduced its portable electric vehicle charger. The portable charger Go is compact, about the size and shape of an average-sized carry-on suitcase, and weighs about 50-lbs. It has a 4 kWh (net capacity) battery and can charge an EV at 7.2 kW. However, larger versions will also be introduced, offering up to 8 kWh of net capacity.

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In a little more than 30 minutes, the 4 kWh versions can add approximately 12 to 20 miles of range, depending on how efficient the EV is. The larger 8 kWh unit needs about an hour to fully discharge and will add roughly 25 to 40 miles of driving range.

The Go is designed to be simple to use at home, work, and other destinations, wherever a driver parks their car. The unit is charged from any regular household outlet and can be used outside in any weather condition.

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Therefore, it can be used by those that don’t have the ability to plug into a home charging station – they can charge anywhere with the Go. It can also offer peace of mind for those that are concerned with running out of charge in an EV. It’s small and light enough to be carried in the trunk.

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The charger is due to be available to customers from the end of next year.

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