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PTI USA appointed Naveed Warraich as President New Jersey.

Naveed Warraich hopeful to do best to organize and strengthen party in New Jersey.

New Jersey,

The party’s seat in New Jersey becomes vacant following the recent Intra Party Election USA chapter of PTI officials and especially the seat of Sam Khan as General Secretary of PTIUSA.

A meeting of PTIUSA officials was held for the appointment, and was attended by all officials and unanimously elected senior party leader Naveed Warraich as New Jersey president.

Naveed Warraich has previously been the Vice President of PTIUSA.

Party leaders and workers have congratulated on being elected as New Jersey president and expressed hope that Naveed Warraich will further organize and strengthen the PTI in US.

While, newly elected President Naveed Warraich has thanked party officials, workers and friends. According to Naveed Warraich he would do his best to organize the party in New Jersey.

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