First successful stroke intervention procedure performed in NICVD Karachi.


The NICVD performed its first intervention to prevent stroke in a 48 year old female came with a right sided stroke, the clot was removed and the stroke was prevented. The procedure led by Professor Irfan Lutfi (Interventional Radiologist, NICVD) and his team.

According to Professor Nadeem Qamar (Executive Director, NICVD) Appreciates and congratulates team NICVD, and said that a major breakthrough has been achieved in the medical history by NICVD Karachi with the introduction of catheter-based stroke treatment at NICVD Karachi. The NICVD has become one of the best tertiary cardiac care hospitals in the world.While, according to Dr. Irfan Lutfi “The procedures was performed successfully without any complications.  The patient Ms. Sofia aged 48 years was rushed to NICVD Emergency Department with history of RT side weakness, facial asymmetry and dysarthria for last half an hour. Conducted CT scan to rule ICH and then it followed by CT angiogram to confirm large vessel occlusion and there was cut off at left M1 segment MCA”.

“After diagnosing, the patient was declared as intervention candidate and taken to Cath Lab. The procedure aspirate thrombus and followed run shows open of all MCA territory. The patient clinically improved after the procedure and mobilized with full power”.“The first six hours are of the utmost importance during that time period, blood clotting is removed from the brain, thus providing timely medical help. The patient is protected from many complications,” added Dr Lutfi.

It was alarming that the second major cause of death in Pakistan is a stroke and lack of proper awareness. By the grace of Almighty Allah, now thousands of patients will be benefitted from this Free of Cost “Interventional Stroke Treatment” at NICVD Karachi, said Dr, Lutfi.“NICVD has become the first cardiac center of Sindh Province in public sector to have performed emergency brain stroke intervention and reverse patient’s paralysis. By the grace of Allah, we continue to perform this procedure with excellent outcomes totally free of cost for all patients”, said Professor Nadeem Qamar

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