Wife fined 50,000 for abusing Husband on Whatsapp

The husband took the quarrel seriously and took the screenshots to the court.

Web Desk:

According to Al-Arabiya, a court in the city of Najja Hamadi in the southern Egyptian province of Qana has imposed a fine of 50,000 Egyptian pounds or about 33,000 US dollars on a government employee for abusing her husband.

The 30-year-old wife sent messages to the 43-year-old husband on WhatsApp containing Galum Gluch, which the husband took to court and attached a screenshot with the petition.

The quarrel between the husband and wife took place a few months ago during which the 30-year-old wife sent messages to her 43-year-old husband on WhatsApp, which the husband took very seriously and filed a petition against the wife and attached a screenshot with the petition.

According to the husband’s lawyer, Advocate Ismail Slavi, his client told the court that his wife had used the WhatsApp service for a bad purpose. The lawyer added that the woman was convicted under Article 76 of the Telecommunications Act 10 of 2003.

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