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Pakistani Community hosted a dinner in honor of MNA Shakoor Shad.

Imran Khan could be criticized on the basis of political differences says Shakoor Shad.


PTI National Assembly member Shakoor Shad arrived in New York from Texas, Atif Khan, the founder of My Karachi Overseas Pakistani, hosted a dinner in his honor at a local restaurant on New Island Avenue in the Brooklyn area, program begins with a recitation of Holy Quran.General Secretary PTI USA Sam Khan welcomed Shakoor Shad, presented him bouquet and introduced him to the guests.While addressing the participants, Shakoor Shad said that

Imran Khan could be criticized on the basis of political differences but he could not be accused of any kind of corruption.

On the occasion, PTI USA General Secretary Sam Khan has said that destruction and corruption done to Pakistan by previous governments cannot be cured in two or three years. Imran Khan will be re-elected as the Prime Minister and the country will prosper and on the path of success.The event was also attended by social and business personalities of the community and senior journalists. PTI leader Wasim Syed said that Pakistan suffers from economic crisis but the people were not disappointed with Imran Khan.New York-based social figure and senior journalist Mawiz Siddiqui has said that political trend of citizens in Pakistan has changed, so Shakur Shad was elected from a constituency where PPP was never expected to lose.Shakor Shad thanked Pakistani community and PTI leaders for organizing the event, followed by prayers for Wasim Syed’s mother and Malik Khurram’s father.

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