Indonesian boy goes viral for his unique name, ABCDEF GHIJK Zuzu

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According to the first post, it’s not unusual for parents to select a unique name for their children to make them stand out. And if you thought X Æ A-12 Musk had the most unusual ring to it, think again. An Indonesian boy is breaking the internet after his name was revealed to be ABCDEF GHIJK Zuzu!

Yes, you read it right. The 12-year-old student’s name is indeed the first 11 alphabets of the English language. The Indonesian boy’s unusual name was discovered during a vaccination drive held by the local police in Muara Enim District, Indonesia.

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A police officer recorded a video of the boy with the unusual name when he came for immunization and the video has gone viral on the internet.

The boy went to get his COVID-19 vaccine and when he presented his identity card to the health officials in the South Sumatra province, the officials were surprised by the name of the child. Initially, the health authorities at the vaccination drive did not believe the boy when he told his name but they checked the name on his documents and the twelve-year-old also had a name tag sewed to his clothes.

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Apparently, the father of the child, Zulfahmi, coined this name as the father loved crossword puzzles. Zuzu is, however, not a family name but an amalgamation of the child’s parents’ names, Zuhro and Zulfahmi.

The boy’s father said that he had prepared his son’s name six years prior to his birth and the idea came to him from a time when he wanted to be a writer. The boy is however called Adef at home.

The boy’s father, Zulfahmi, also decided to give his second and third sons a name based on the same lines and he had thought of keeping the second one’s name as NOPQ RSTUV and the third child’s name as XYZ but the family gave up the idea and picked different names for their children. The boy admitted that initially he was embarrassed by his name and even bullied at school. However, now he is proud of it.

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Though, this is not the only unique Indonesian name that went viral this year. Prior to April, a man went viral for naming his newborn son after his office department! Another similar incident happened in 2019 when a child made waves online after he was named Google. In fact, it created so much buzz that the US tech company had sent gifts to the infant after his birth certificate went viral.

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