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APAG organizes Ceremony to Encourage Community and Vote in Elections

Queens, New York,

APAG organized a meeting between candidates and the community in Queens area of ​​New York. Senator John Liu, Assemblyman David Vaprin, Assemblywoman Jennifer Raj Kumar, Council Member James Ginaro, Council Member Candidate Sandra Ang, Council Member Candidate Linda Lee, Judge Candidate Casendra Johnson, Judge Candidate Soma Syed and Andrea Ogle attended the meeting.While, an American politician has said that members of the Pakistani community are far ahead in social and welfare activities, if they are interested in politics, they can make a good place.

The Assembly Women and the candidates for the upcoming elections said that there are opportunities for everyone in US without any discrimination, if they try, they can succeed.While, addressing the gathering, APAG President Ali Rashid said that we should start participating in local politics and use the power of vote.Pakistani community members at the event congratulated each other on India’s 10-wicket defeat in T20 World Cup match.

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