Pakistan’s Envoy to US Ali Siddiqui’s Appointment Challenged

LAHORE: The appointment of Ali Jahangir Siddiqui as Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States has been challenged in a Lahore court.

Barrister Javed Iqbal filed a petition in the LHC challenging his ‘appointment’ for being against law and merit.

The news of Ali’s appointment engulfed Pakistani media on Thursday.

However, there was no official confirmation of the development from the Prime Minister’s Office or the Foreign Ministry.

Jave Iqbal in his petition submitted that the ‘appointment’ was made without the federal cabinet’s approval and in violation of relevant rules and merit.

He added that while making the ‘appointment’ the government did not observe the set criteria and rules.

Javed Iqbal said that he (petitioner) has a rich experience of working in different countries and was highly qualified. “But I cannot apply for the post which is a violation of my fundamental rights,” he argued.

The petitioner said that Siddiqui was a mere graduate and had no experience of diplomacy due to which vital national interests were feared to be compromised.

He pleaded the court to declare the reported appointment of Siddiqui as null and void for being in violation of laws and merit.

Despite multiple media reports, the government has not yet confirmed Ali Siddiqui’s appointment.

It is also not clear whether the government has sent his name to Washington for formal approval.

Ambassadors are only appointed when the host country formally gives its assent.

Ali is the son of Pakistani business tycoon Jahangir Siddiqui. He is the chairman of JS Bank and JS Private Equity and is the son of the eponymous JS.




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