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The debate among NYC Mayoral candidates.

Candidates pledges to improve public interest and climate change.

New York City

The debate held among the candidates run for New York Mayoral-ship, Democrat Eric Adams and Republican Curtis Silva’s large number of supporters came out to support them on the streets and outside the debate hall and were chanting slogans. The environment is peaceful and charged supporters hold Pla cards of their candidate.

Silva, founder of the Guardian Angels Anti-Crime Patrol in the 1970s, insisted during the debate,

“He was more social and in touch with New Yorkers and victory will be his destiny”.

Mean while, Eric Adams, president of the Brooklyn Borough and former captain of the New York City Police, also said that

“His involvement with the police department in the past had taught him a lot. No one knows better than me how to maintain law and order in the city”.

If the victory goes to Adams, Adams will be the second black mayor of the city. Past in 1990 to 1993 David DinKins, was also elected black mayor of the New York City.

File photo, David DinKins, New York City Mayor 1990-1993

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