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Senator Todd Kaminsky is running for NASSAU County District Attorney.

Islamic Center Long Island, community leader Wasim Syed welcomed Senator.

Long Island, New York,

Senator Todd Kaminsky from Long Island, New York, is running for NASSAU County District Attorney. He visited Islamic Center Long Island with community leader Wasim Syed in connection with his election campaign.Senator Todd met with Muslim community and presented his election manifesto. During the visit, Senator Todd Kaminsky briefed the Muslim community on his past initiatives and future plans.

Muslim community also has an important role to play in the development of the US which cannot be forgotten, Senator Kaminsky added.

On arrival of senator at the Islamic Center, Chairman Habib Ahmed welcomed Todd Kaminsky and introduced him in detail to the Muslims presented at the center.According to Chairman Habib Ahmed that Senator Todd Kaminsky has joined the voice of Muslims against Islamophobia. We Muslims should practice our voting right in every election as American citizens.

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