APL set new record of popularity in US.

2nd edition of APL preparations will be begins in November.

New Jersey,

The success of first season of APL set a new record of popularity. APL-American Premier League President, J. Mir, thanked the successful teams, sponsors and media for the first edition of APL and said that 2021 edition was a successful.

According to J Mir, for the first time in history of US, such a large scale cricket tournament was held. The match between Pakistan and India was spectacular, and the winner of final was awarded $ 75,000. After the success of the first edition of the league and the response we have received for APL, we are going to start preparations for the next edition from November,” said J. Mir.

The APL chief said there was no precedent in the past for what he did in last five months to promote cricket in US. The format of the league would be changed next year and ten more teams would be added so that more teams could be included, J.Mir added.

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