Swiss Mini Gun, World’s Smallest Functional Revolver

This tiny firearm has all the features of a normal-sized double-action revolver.

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The Swiss Mini Gun holds the Guinness World Record for the smallest functioning revolver in the world is made in Switzerland by Swiss Mini Gun. It measures 5.5 cm long, 3.5 cm tall and 1 cm wide, weighing only 19.8g.

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The common C1ST stainless steel model of the Swiss Mini Gun comes with a stylish leather holder, 24 live and 24 blank cartridges, and a cleaning set. The holster features a key ring that can be clipped to a belt loop, like an accessory. The price listed on the Swiss Mini Gun website is 6,300 Swiss francs ($6,820).


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The world’s smallest working revolver also comes in a special 18K gold version delivered in a luxurious green-tinted maple wood box that also includes an 18K gold key holder, a green rocket-launcher tube, 48 cartridges, and 36 luminous rockets, 12 of each red, green and white and a cleaning set. These are only made to order, according to the buyer’s wishes.

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It’s so easy to conceal that countries like the United States and the United Kingdom have made the Swiss Mini Gun illegal to import. But while its reduced size may be unusual, this tiny firearm has all the same features as a normal-sized double-action revolver. Because the US and the UK have banned its importation, there have been rumors going around that the tiny revolver could be used to kill or at least seriously wound people. That is unlikely, according to the manufacturer.

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