Funeral prayers of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan were offered in Berlin.

Matiullah, Berlin,

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan’s funeral prayers were offered in absentia in Berlin Germany. Large number of leaders of Islamic Movement of Berlin, community leader Sheikh Salahuddin, prominent businessmen and members of the community attended the funeral.

Amir Khalid Mahmood of Islamic Movement of Berlin led the funeral prayers and said that Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan was proud of Pakistan. His services to country are unforgettable. He was the ambassador of Islam and Pakistan.

Ansar Butt, organizer of Pakistan Muslim League-N Youth Wing Europe, said that death of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has created an atmosphere of grief and sorrow not only in the country but also in the Muslim Ummah.

Chairman of Pakistan German Press Club and social figure Zahoor Ahmed said that there are few sincere peoples in Pakistan and Mohsin-e-Pakistan Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan was at the top. Due to ruler’s wrong policies, Dr. Abdul Qadir had to spend the last days of his life in agony.

Abid Baloch, President of Pakistan Peoples Party Youth Wing Berlin, said that today Pakistan has lost another benefactor. After Abdul Sattar Edhi, heart is saddened today.  At last, prayers were offered for the survival and security of Islamic world and Pakistan.

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