Women’s Milad organized by Bazm-e-Sana Mustafa USA in New Jersey.

New Jersey,

Bazm Sana Mustafa USA organized a women’s Milad in New Jersey, which began with the recitation of Holy Quran and offering Hamd.

Raheela Firdous congratulated the participants for the month of Rabi-ul-Awal and thanked the audience for their participations. The stage was beautifully decorated with Masjid-e-Nabawi background and flowers for the milad. Drood-o-salam were offered to Last of the Prophets, Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

Consul General Pakistan in New York Ayesha Ali specially attended the Milad. Bazm Sana Mustafa USA founder Raheela Firdous said that she has been hosting this blessed ceremony for the last 18 years.“We are always striving to promote Naat Khawani in the US through this platform and introduce new women and girls to Naat Khawani in these programs,” she added.

The teachings of Sira-e-Taiba in Urdu and English speeches were introduced during Milad ceremony. The recitation of Naat’s for the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) keep the participants attracted and becomes center of attention. The distinguished women of Pakistani community expressed their happiness over the commencement of this auspicious occasion and offered Salam to the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him).

Council General Ayesha Ali emphasized the importance of holding such Milad, far away from homeland.  At last of the program host, Raheela Firdous, offered a heartfelt prayer to Almighty Allah for repentance from sins and especially salvation from Pandemic Covid-19.

Special prayers were also offered for the highest ranks in Jannah and for soul of Mohsin-e-Pakistan, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan. Tabaruk were distributed at the end of Milad ceremony.

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