The largest under construction mosque in France received martyrdom threats.

Strasbourg, France,

Europe’s largest mosque, the Eyup Sultan Mosque, built by Turkey in Strasbourg, France, has received a threatening letter declaring war.

The letter threatened to kill the chairperson of the Islamic organization that built the mosque and to bomb the under construction mosque, saying “prepare well, revenge begins.”

We are against mosques and will target them with major attacks. The anonymous letter also states that there is no place for Islam in France and Muslims living in the country have to choose between their religion or France. We are sure that the majority will choose Islam.

Then why are you peoples living in France?  The Sultan Mosque under construction in France will be completed by the end of the year. The interior of the mosque has a capacity of two and a half thousand worshipers, while the outer part also can accommodate another two and a half thousand worshipers. In addition, the mosque premises will have a museum, library and restaurant.

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