Ayesha Khan announced to contest in electoral process of District 44-B.

Top US officials also ensured success of Ayesha Khan and Patron Pew. 

Fazal Khaliq, Washington,

Dedicated to the service of Baltimore through long-term hard work and ability to solve problems well.

Democratic Central Committee member Ayesha Khan announced the entry into the electoral process of District 44-B and House of Delegates at the insistence of the American community belonging to different schools of thought and race.

Large numbers, of democrats and Pakistani American participates and had a dinner.

While, in an exclusive interview with VOSA-Tv(Voice of South Asia), Ayesha Khan assured of her victory. Top US government officials have also ensured the success of Ayesha Khan and Patron Pew.

Leading personalities in the ceremony were Naeem Butt, Mirza Zulfiqar Kazmi, Raj Rathore, Moazzam Sahib Gulsher and a large number of women attended the Memorandum and District 44 and named the event to Ayesha Khan.

Elections to be held on June 2022, compared to other states, District 44 will set an example and resonate at the government level.

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