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16th annual Bangladesh Spring Festival held in ​​New York’s Brooklyn area.

Brooklyn, New York,

The Chittagong Association, a representative body of Bangladeshi community, held its 16th annual Spring Festival in Brooklyn area of ​​New York, The festival attended by a large number of Bangladeshi community and prominent Pakistani community figures.Artists participating in the festival performed the magic of their voices. Audience heard the song in their mother tongue in a foreign country; memories were refreshed.Various stalls were also set up at the festival, traditional and cultural costumes of Bangladesh were displayed, besides their traditional dishes, were on sale. Participants fully enjoyed the festival. The organizers presented awards in recognition of their services to Pakistani community NYPD, lieutenant Zaigham Abbas, PAYO’s lawyer, Ahmed and others. Pakistani community members thanked the Bangladeshi organization Chittagong Association and its entire community for inviting Pakistani community to the festival.

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