American Institute of Politics and Public Policy Launch ceremony held in Dallas.

Instead of blaming, world powers should focus to resolve Kashmir issue under UN resolutions, says Shehriyar Afridi


The launch ceremony of AIP-American Institute of Politics and Public Policy was organized by Naveed Claire in Dallas, Texas, a senior member of the American Institute of Politics and Public Policy (AIP), while Mubashir Warraich, senior leader of the AIP, briefed the audience about aims and objectives of the think tank. Chairman National Kashmir Committee Pakistan, Shahriar Khan Afridi is the chief guest while Democratic leader Tahir Javed from Houston, Chairman, Pak-US Business Forum Abdul Hafeez Khan, APPAC Texas Chairman Dr Amir Qureshi, Tarrant County Democratic Chairman Allison Campolo, President APNA Texas Dr Rizwan Khalid, President Pak-PAC Dr Rao Kamran and others were also present on the occasion. A large number of political and social personalities were also participated. While various candidates from Dallas and surrounding areas were also present in the event.Shahriar Khan Afridi, chairman of the National Kashmir Committee, said that more than 4.5 million Afghan refugees get asylum in Pakistan under the Islamic spirit. The government of Pakistan believes in humanity. Pakistan is backing several forces in the past during Afghan war and these forces blamed Pakistan for the situation. Pakistan has always wanted peace.Chairman National Kashmir Committee Pakistan further said that I am proud of this event today. Pakistani Americans living in US are emerging here in politics; you can’t get your point of view to the upper House without being part of the American political system. You also have to fight the Occupied Kashmir case.

“We supported the US in Afghan war and we suffered the most,” he added

Afridi further added that I also belong to the tribal area of ​​Pakistan, and the country was the biggest victim of terrorism, more than 8 million innocent Pakistanis were the direct victim of terrorism, more than one and a half billion dollars direct economic losses and today fingers pointed towards Pakistan which is absolutely not right. Pakistan has always stood for peace and humanity, the state of Madinah is an example for all humanity.Houston Democratic Leader Tahir Javed addresses and praised the establishment of AIP and said that Pakistani Americans specially should have to take care of three things. First, register to vote so that you can practice constitutional right. Second, choose the right candidate so that your voice can reach to upper house. Third, if possible, contest elections and be a part of the system. Without these three things, we have no status here in US.




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