Friends of Kashmir held a ceremony in Dallas.

Shehriar Afridi said PM IK given us free hand on Kashmir cause and we will remain active.

Dallas, Texas,

Chairperson Friends of Kashmir Ghazala Habib, Irfan Fazal and President of Pakistan Society of North Texas Abid Malik welcomed Shahriar Khan Afridi, on his arrival in Dallas. Shahriar Afridi is also the Chairman National Kashmir Committee.

At the beginning of ceremony, Participants introduced to the Chairman National Kashmir Committee, while Shehryar Afridi said that it was his good fortune that he was among the thoughtful Kashmiris of Dallas today.

A large number of young Kashmiris were also present at the event. Shehryar Afridi dedicated his speech to young Kashmiris and said that our young children to understand the Kashmir issue are the need of time and for this they have to work hard and strive at their level.Speaking on the occasion, Shahriar said that Kashmiris are being treated worse than animals; there is one doctor for 4,000 Kashmiris affected by Covid-19 while the Indian government has imposed one soldier on every 9 Kashmiris. We will not remain silent on India’s inhumane atrocities, Kashmir Committee has mobilized globally, and we will show the world the true face of India. Economic benefits or relationships cannot take superiority over humanity. Chairman National Kashmir Committee recounted the Indian atrocities committed by the Indian Army in Jammu and Kashmir.

Afridi also said that Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has given us a free hand to Kashmir Committee and reiterated his commitment that this committee and all its members including me will remain active and expand the scope of efforts to the global level.

Now the purpose of our life is humanity and we will not compromise on Indian atrocities in Kashmir. For us, trade is not vital but humanity.

Wherever there is abuse of non-Muslims in the world, including Pakistan, the whole international community raises there voice. India is committing inhumane atrocities on unarmed Kashmiris every day. This is against the principles of humanity, Afridi added.

India has been influential on Google and other social media forums, the flow of information is one-sided and against the facts but we have started to counter it with our highly qualified and educated team. One way traffic will no longer run

Shahriar Khan Afridi added that whether it was the Soviet Union or the American war in Afghanistan, we supported the United States and the world at every step. In return, more than 80,000 Pakistanis becomes the victim of terrorism. Country economy suffers and has lost more than one hundred and fifty billion dollars.

In Kashmir, neither the dignity of children nor the senior citizen and women were safe. There are recent incidents like this but the world is not ready to listen to us.

Ghazala Habib, Chairperson of Friends of Kashmir said that the vision of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is to make the voice of Kashmiris to be heard all over the world. The Kashmir Committee is playing its full role but more aggressive diplomatic channel is needed for Kashmir cause. President Irfan Fazal, of PSNT, Abid Malik has said that every Pakistani living in the US there hearts were beating for Kashmir and we always been and will be with his Kashmiri brothers and sisters.

The event was attended by a large number of Dallas elders including Dr. Amir Qureshi, Abid Baig, Dr. Mansoor, Iqbal Hassan, Dr. Riaz, Sheikh Asil, Hafiz Waheed and Khalid Ishaq.

The event also featured the English version of “Curly Road” reflecting the current situation in Kashmir, which was widely appreciated by the audience.

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