NYPD MOS and US Troops arrived to help Afghan Refugees

Immigration and bio-metrics process of refugees, initiated.

New Jersey,

Thousands of Afghan refugees have arrived to United States since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. These refugees have been sheltered in temporary shelter homes in a military base camp in New Jersey.

New York Police Department’s, Capt. Adeel Rana, president of the Muslim Officers Society, MOS members, community affairs officers and other Muslim organizations reached out to help Afghan refugees.Essential supplies have been brought to New Jersey in several trucks to help Afghan refugees, including food, clothing, baby milk toys and other essentials.US troops, including Muslim New York police officers, are taking part in the relief effortU.S. officials had announced asylum for refugees, while immigration and bio-metrics process of Afghan refugees, is also being initiated.

Thousands of Afghans fled from the country to seek refuge in United States after the Taliban took controlled.

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