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Insaaf Tigers defeats New York United & United Panel Beats PTI Washington in Intra Party Elections.

Many elected unopposed from different states.

New York city,

PTI inter-party Elections 2021 held in United States, tough competition was between groups in New York and Virginia. The Insaaf Tigers defeated New York United panel in New York while the Johnny Rana United panel in Virginia defeated PTI Washington.

Amjad Nawaz from New York elected as President, Khawar Baig elected as Vice President and Johnny Bashir from Virginia have been elected President of PTI.

In New York, the Insaf Tigers got 578 votes, compared to New York United panel’s got only 167 votes. similarly, in Virginia, Johnny Rana PTI United panel got 857 votes while PTI Washington got 668 votes. According to the poll results, out of 2733 voters, 2270 cast their votes and the poll turnout was remain 83 Percent.

Some candidates were elected unopposed in many states, Sam Khan from New Jersey has been elected unopposed as President, Munir Khatana from Maryland also elected unopposed as president and Waqar Khan has been elected unopposed General Secretary.


Similarly, Zia-ur-Rehman from Connecticut and Rashid Bukhari from Texas have been elected unopposed as president.

According to PTI sources, unopposed President Munir Khatana from Maryland could be nominated as a candidate for the post of President of PTI USA in near future. If Khatana elected, then current Secretary-General Waqar khan will be assigned the responsibilities of President of Maryland.


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