Sikhs demonstrated in Germany against farmers reforms of India.

Matiullah, Germany,

The Punjabi community, the Gurdwara Management Committee and the Panthic organization in Germany organized the demonstration.

Sikh leader Teja Singh has said that 3% Brahmins were ruling on us by dividing us. The day is not far away when our hands on your collars. There are 250 million Muslims living in in India. Muslim, Hindu and Sikh Brotherhood is the real heir of India. These 3% rulers also want to take over our businesses.

Teja Singh also said that farmers have been on strike for almost two years out of which more than 700 peoples have lost their lives so far, but the Sikh community is not hopeless. We will continue this sit-in protest till our last breath.

In mid of June, Government of India enacted three Farm Ordinances relating to agricultural products, their sale, storage, agri-marketing and agrarian reforms, with one bill passed by Lok Sabha on 15 September 2020 and the other on 18 September 2020.

Later on September 20, 2020, the Rajya Sabha passed two bills and third on September 22, while the President of India signed and approved the bills on September 28, 2020, thus turning them into law and pass this black law.

Teja added that more than thirteen months have passed but the Sikh community is still standing firm and their women were also fully support to them. In India alone, more than 500 organizations are involved in farmers protests.

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