Hasin Jahan claims Shami of having affairs with Pakistan and Dubai women

MUMBAI : The Mohammed Shami-Hasin Jahan continues to get murkier as the Indian cricket team’s speedster’s wife has now claimed that he had relations with women from Pakistan and Dubai.

According to Indian newspaper reports in what came as an absolute shock, Jahan, took to her Facebook to claim that the Team India pacer has multiple extra-marital affairs. She also posted photos of women with whom Shami is apparently in relationship. Jahan also shared the photos of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger chats between Shami and his alleged girlfriends.

While Shami took to his social media channels to deny the adultery charges, saying that it is nothing but an attempt to derail his cricket career, Shami was not included in the BCCI players’ contracts, which were announced on Wednesday evening. While one of the BCCI officials said that Shami’s name will be added if proven innocent, for now, the things look ominous for Shami.
Jahan also said that while the rest of the Indian cricket team returned to India from South Africa, Shami checked in a Dubai hotel with a Pakistani woman on February 18 before returning to India the next day.

“This has been going on for several months. I found this out on his way back from South Africa last month. He stayed at a hotel in Dubai while the rest of his teammates returned to India. A chat revealed that he was scheduled to meet a girl from Pakistan at the airport. He checked into a hotel on February 18 with the woman. He came back to India the next day,” Jahan told Times of India outside her Katjunagar apartment in Jadavpur.

Jahan claimed that the cricketer was in relationships with women from Bangalore, Pune, Indore and Nagpur and had relations with women from Dubai and Pakistan. She also alleged that when she confronted him, he threatened her.
“He regularly calls these women to his hotel rooms whenever he is visiting these cities. He also has relations with women in Pakistan and Dubai. I confronted him but he threatened me and dared me to do whatever I wanted,” Jahan said.

Jahan also claimed that Shami beat her on his return from the recently-concluded South Africa tour. She also stated that cricketer’s mother and brother tortured her and tried to kill her.
Hasin had met Shami during the 2012 IPL and had an instant connection with the right-arm seam bowler.
After dating Shami for around 2 years, Hasin got married to him on June 6, 2014. Soon after their marriage, Hasin gave up her modeling career as Shami’s family, especially his father, was against it.

Mohammad Shami is not Hasin’s first husband. She was married earlier but her first marriage didn’t work out and they soon got a divorce. Hasin had once claimed that she is a close friend of MS Dhoni’s wife Sakshi Dhoni but attracted some controversy as she was never able to prove their friendship.

While Hasin claimed to be a close friend of Sakshi Dhoni, she is also said to be involved in a cold war with wives of various other cricketers like Radhika Dhopavkar (wife of Ajinkya Rahane), Preeti Narayanan (wife of Ravichandran Ashwin) and Natasha Jain (Gautam Gambhir’s wife).


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